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In the US, this means a drop from 0 to 0, a savings of .

For the Home Premium full version, the price drops from 0 to 0.

The good news is that the full versions will be available at the upgrade price, though if history is any indication, they'll likely still be higher than the US upgrade prices shown above.

That means that unlike Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Professional will contain all the features that the Home Premium edition has, and thus Microsoft cannot justify a price drop.

While these price changes are positive for consumers (none of the products has increased in price), they are rather disappointing for those hoping for much more aggressive price slashes given the current economic climate.

When you switch to a higher version, you're adding on the existing functionality, but when you're going to a lesser version, you're taking away functionality, thus the need for a clean install.

Clean installs will also have to be performed when upgrading from a 32-bit version to a 64-bit version, regardless of edition.

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