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I also tried, in conjunction with your suggestion, setting bs.datasource = null rigth after dt.clear() but this doesn't seem to effect anything.

More Information (update): I did find that the problem is tied to the dt.reset() function in some way.

In this post, I will describe the way to retrieve the identity value in ADO.

NET applications with the help of Visual Studio Database Tools.

After you do that the datagridview does not seem to want to display the datatable correctly.

I checked the datasource for the datagridview using the debugger and it clearly has all of the rows of data in it but it simply doesn't display them.

I will start with a sample Windows Forms application using Data Set. I create a data table in the database called My Customer with three columns: Cust Id, Name and Company.

I would populate a dataset with all the tables and all the information but this, in the long run, will be extremely slow as the data in the database starts to grow. Consider the Following: static SQLData Adapter Get Data Set For Table(string Table Name) bs. Data Source = SQLData I wasn't using a Dataset because I was only getting a single table from the database so it seemed like 'overkill' to me to use the dataset structure.

You may be curious why both Auto Increment Seed and Auto Increment Step are set to -1.

This is an approach to ensure that the placeholder values that ADO.

A simple dt.clear() only clears the rows from the datatable but leaves the columns in it.

So, the next table that I get from the database simply 'appends' to the datatable the new columns and my datagridview shows nothing but all of the column headings for every table that I select from the database.

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