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Like overweight Americans who fly to the Dominican Republic on all inclusive vacations and never leave the fenced in resort complex yet claim “I love DR”, these guys show up in Bangkok, hit Nana Plaza on their first night in town, and think they have discovered paradise.They don’t know that there are tons of other places in Bangkok and across Asia with hotter chicks who charge a lot less money and are usually sweeter and more service minded.Every person I gave the 1,000,000 Dong quote too quickly accepted and started asking my hotel name and room number.I always stay in girl friendly hotels like the Bong Sen Hotel Annex when I am in Ho Chi Minh City, but I didn’t want to give out my information without getting a better idea of who I was going to have show up at my room. I also said that I would turn away anyone who didn’t match the photos.I picture some tattooed agent in a smokey room working multiple phones at once trolling for clients.The We Chat prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City are all decent looking in my experience.

I have never met any of them but this is my educated guess.

Although a lot of western guys (including some self-proclaimed sexperts) cry about Ho Chi Minh City on the internet, the truth is that it is a pretty great place.

There are literally millions of women in the city and a lot them are up for dating foreigners.

So I always require non photoshop picture and video call to up the chance to meet a hot babe. The chat was easy, she was playful and can speak some English.

She is 26y with a beautiful body, smooth skin with a great ass. After sex, we cuddle, admire her diffrent tatoo and nap a bit. Total damage: 2M300K vnd (100 USD) for one shot after hard bargain but it a hot babe like ktv girl where you have to pay 3-4M easy.

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