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You have probably heard something about the crippled nation of North Korea but there aren’t a lot of genuine photos that show the harsh conditions.Korea used to be one nation until the country was divided following World War II, with the North becoming a communist state while the South became a democracy.Looking at these pictures, you might think that North Korea is a big country but in truth, it is about the size of Pennsylvania. Unlike PA, though, only about 19.5% is suitable for growing crops.

Bill Gates has a net worth of about .2 billion as of 2017, which is four and a half times larger than North Korea’s.According to reporters who’ve visited the country, you can both consume and purchase cannabis pretty freely and not worry about being prosecuted anywhere in North Korea.It is unknown wether there aren’t any rules against marijuana altogether, or there are rules that aren’t being enforced.North Korea also possesses a large number of chemical weapons.Did you know that the students in North Korea are required to purchase their own chairs, desks, and heating during the winter?

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