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Chyna and Olive come up to the Cheerleading table where Lexi is.

Lexi thinks Chyna should tryout for Cheerleading, so she and Olive do. Farm, since Lexi says Chyna needs to practice, she cheers everything she says, annoying Olive.

At the party, Cameron catches Chyna there, but she noticed he was supposed to be at church.

Cameron explains that he paid Angus to rig the tracking device on his phone.

Needless to say, she can play several instruments including the guitar, violin, and piano.

Never afraid of a challenge, she sees high school as an exciting place.

Eager to go, Chyna invites Olive and Fletcher to join her.

Upstairs, she has Fletcher make wax figures of themselves so they can sneak out.

She is teased by Lexi because Lexi sees her as a threat.

Most of the time, Chyna is shown trying to find a place where she feels she belongs, usually dragging Fletcher and Olive to join. Chyna then meets Olive, who immediately starts giving out facts on China's (the country) Dynasties.

Chyna usually gets Olive and Fletcher to join in with events, such as organizing prom and the ANTernet. Chyna thinks her talent is talking but Olive says she has an eidetic memory.

Fletcher explains that he's an artist, and is sculpting the class for an assignment.

In music class, Chyna accidentally sits in Lexi's chair, so Lexi pushes her off it to see if this "Chyna is breakable". Zimbaldi notices Chyna on the ground and helps her up, seeing that she's a new prodigy.

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