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Eventually, his wish is granted, as Josh Blake’s character gets the chance to live with the neighbors, the Tanners, as well as their furry alien Alf.As time goes on, Alf becomes something of a role model for Jake and helps him grow into a fairly well-behaved young man. Since then, Josh Blake has made a radical change in his career, giving up his acting shoes and trading them in for a career in real estate.These include Living with your aunt and uncle can be a tough situation for any kid.

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Dorothy originally moved into the Tanner family home after suffering tragic loss and didn’t want to live alone.Goldin already established himself as a talented TV actor before his time on .With high profile failed relationships with the likes of Yasmine Bleeth and Priscilla Taylor, Goldin finally found some stability when he started seeing Gretta Monahan in 2009. It seems like every sitcom family has an annoying neighbor. The matriarch of the family, Raquel, is quick to suspect that something’s not quite right next door, especially since Alf arrived on the scene. wanted to keep the alien a secret, Raquel would be around trying to figure out what was going on.The career change proved to be a risk worth taking, as Blake has since become very successful.It only makes sense for a sitcom to explore the love lives of virtually every main character.

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