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That being said, sometimes they can be really sweet. They soon booked their first role, a diaper commercial. Dylan and Cole typically played the same character in their early roles. His parents chose Cole in honor of jazz singer and pianist Nat King Cole. Remember when Dylan told Cole that he was unplanned, and then Cole responded by saying he was the favorite child in their family? Jonine Booth Wright, an actress and drama teacher, suggested the boys get into acting when they were just eight months old.I'll admit I always feel a bit guilt ridden when dueling children--it's a tad dubious to take the life of a child for social currency. A wheelchair basketball team visits the Tipton and plays against Zack and Cody's team in order to raise funds for their school.

But there's a rumor he's dating his co-star Lili Reinhart (who plays Betty).When Zack and Cody knock the ancient mummy over the balcony, Zack dresses Cody up to replace him for the exhibit.Esteban is scared of the curse of the mummy and he puts on garlic which smells awful! The boys are known for coming for each other on Twitter and Instagram, and nothing is off limits."The goal for me to go to college, and my brother as well, was to fade out," Cole told .

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