Wpf status bar text not updating

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Let me know if you can't find an example for any of those steps.With the top of the application window usually occupied by the main menu and/or toolbars, described in previous chapters, the bottom part of the window is usually the home of the status bar.The status bar is used to show various information about the current state of the application, like cursor position, word count, progress of tasks and so on.Fortunately for us, WPF comes with a nice Status Bar control, making it very easy to add status bar functionality to your applications.A status bar is usually a thin, horizontal strip at the bottom of a window. For more complex programs,the status bar may be split into many sections containing text, glyphs, progress bars and interactive controls.

Here is my code for the Status bar so far There are several steps to this, but they're all well documented elsewhere.We'll also add columns in between for Separator controls.Here's how it looks now: As you can see, I've added a bit of sample information, like the fake filename in the middle column and the progress bar to the right, showing a static value for now.Let's start off with a very basic example: It's all very simple - a Text Block control that shows the current cursor position, just like in pretty much any other application that allows you to edit text.In this very basic form, the Status Bar could just as easily have been a panel with a set of controls on it, but the real advantage of the Status Bar comes when we need to divide it into several areas of information.

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